n. & v.
1 a the produce of cultivated plants, esp. cereals. b the season's total yield of this (a good crop).
2 a group or an amount produced or appearing at one time (this year's crop of students).
3 (in full hunting crop) the stock or handle of a whip.
4 a a style of hair cut very short. b the cropping of hair.
5 Zool. a the pouch in a bird's gullet where food is prepared for digestion. b a similar organ in other animals.
6 the entire tanned hide of an animal.
7 a piece cut off or out of something.
—v. (cropped, cropping)
1 tr. a cut off. b (of animals) bite off (the tops of plants).
2 tr. cut (hair, cloth, edges of a book, etc.) short.
3 tr. gather or reap (produce).
4 tr. (foll. by with) sow or plant (land) with a crop.
5 intr. (of land) bear a crop.
Phrases and idioms:
crop-dusting the sprinkling of powdered insecticide or fertilizer on crops, esp. from the air. crop-eared having the ears (esp. of animals) or hair cut short. crop-full having a full crop or stomach. crop out Geol. appear at the surface. crop-over a W. Indian celebration marking the end of the sugar-cane harvest. crop up
1 (of a subject, circumstance, etc.) appear or come to one's notice unexpectedly.
2 Geol. appear at the surface.
Etymology: OE crop(p)

Useful english dictionary. 2012.